The debut collection by She Wore Flowers

Sole e Luna

She was wild and lived unapologetically in her own way. Under the golden sun, her hair whirled around her as  fingertips glanced gently over the long wind swept grass. Ever the non-traditionalist, she had learned to embrace every detail of her unique self with quiet confidence. Come the night, cool sand would embrace the bare soles of her feet, moonlight dancing off the sparkles of her skirt and reflecting magically off the peaking gentle waves of the sea. With shimmering stars and a bright full moon observing her from above, she smiled as she glanced forward; both toward the horizon and her future. Where would her journey take her next?

The debut collection by She Wore Flowers, Sole e Luna, is comprised of nine wedding gowns and three bridal skirts for the indie loving, non-traditional bride. This collection has been inspired by the hot summer days that bring out your freckles, and warm starry nights with moon-lit dances amongst fairy lights. You'll find unique floral laces overlaying luxurious charmeuse slips, and of course, a dash of cosmic sparkle. 


The soft blue and pink blooms that adorn our Solstice gown evoke a colorful time of year where the sun shines long and bright, and the sweet smell of florals fills the warm summer air. 


The Aster gown is evocative of a warm summer's day in the rustic countryside of Tuscany. A champagne blush lining is overlaid with unique floral ivory lace, and delicate shoulder detailing rests gracefully upon the arms. 


Island is the perfect wedding dress for the carefree boho goddess. Soft ivory tulle is adorned by hand with lush, leafy, pastel blush accents, and the floaty lace-trimmed bell sleeves are just so ethereal. 

All of our dresses and skirts are created with stunningly unique fabrics and are designed in house. We believe in affordability, so it's our promise to provide you with true on-trend bridal style at a fraction of the cost of other major labels. The vast majority of our gowns are very light weight and not structured, which means you'll be able to dance the night away and not feel restricted. The She Wore Flowers brand has been featured on many of the leading wedding blogs out there, including Wedding Chicks, Rock n Roll Bride, and 100 Layer Cake. SWF is proudly a Canadian company, based in between the pines and the Pacific on Vancouver Island, BC.



The sparkle fabric of our Nova Bridal Skirt shimmers like thousands of tiny stars. With two different shades of grey tulle beneath the outermost layer, this semi-sheer statement skirt is unforgettable.


In Latin, Aurelia means "The Golden One" and the name is so fitting for this beautiful off-shoulder wedding dress. A champagne-nude silky charmeuse lining sits underneath show-stopping leafy ivory florals.

Midnight Primrose

Like magical moonlight upon a garden, our Midnight Primrose gown is composed of glistening dark lace entwined with blue, black, and metallic hues on a delicate grey tulle. Bold lace cap sleeves rest effortlessly upon the shoulders, and a low back framed by broody florals completes the look.


Two gorgeous contrasting shades of pink evoke a vision of an unforgettable Maui sunset. At least that's what we think of when we see the Lahaina Bridal Skirt! This stunning semi-sheer skirt glistens and sparkles ever-so magically as you move.


It is said that Selene, the goddess of the moon, rides her chariot across the star-filled cosmos. This magical gown is made with hundreds of little stars upon tulle, and a breathtaking statement trim around the bell sleeves, neckline, and train to match.


Goddess of the wilderness, our Artemis Wedding Dress is the epitome of timeless beauty. Her long flowing sheer cape cascades behind her, displaying the breathtaking wild floral detailing adorning the gown's train beneath it.


Our show-stopping Willow gown is truly something to behold. Stunning hand-sewn floral lace sits upon ivory tulle, cascading to the floor gently. Bold ivory fringe adorns the underside of the sleeves, like a beautiful weeping willow tree swaying in a spring breeze.


The name Isra is described as "the journey into the night", and this breathtaking bridal skirt sparkles like the cosmos above. Rich inner layers of black tulle further the vision, creating a style that is perfect for one with great fondness of the stars.