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The Wild Reverie Collection is a small selection of six new designs by She Wore Flowers. Inspiration came in a beautiful mosaic of daydreams during a time of intense uncertainty in this world. Keeping true to our now-known ethereal, boho-esc roots, here they twirl with a subtle romance of art-deco nature. These timeless gowns are for those who appreciate decades long past, but still yearn for modern touches and bold qualities. The magic that exudes our Wild Reverie Collection nods ever so slightly to old Hollywood, all the while holding nature and the cosmos close to the heart in the same breath, as always. 

Sole e Luna

She was wild and lived unapologetically in her own way. Under the golden sun, her hair whirled around her as  fingertips glanced gently over the long wind swept grass. Ever the non-traditionalist, she had learned to embrace every detail of her unique self with quiet confidence. Come the night, cool sand would embrace the bare soles of her feet, moonlight dancing off the sparkles of her skirt and reflecting magically off the peaking gentle waves of the sea. With shimmering stars and a bright full moon observing her from above, she smiled as she glanced forward; both toward the horizon and her future. Where would her journey take her next?



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